Why Idemitsu

Over 100 years of experience and a leading Asian OEM supplier.

Idemitsu has a rich history of developing products alongside leading OEMs from project onset, and today is a specialist in low-viscosity, fuel-saving lubrication solutions. ILA technicians have worked closely with engineers from Asian OEMs such as Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota, as well as U.S. domestic OEMs such as GM, to meet stringent performance and protection requirements.

About Idemitsu...

  • Founded in 1911
  • 8th largest lubricants manufacturer in the world
  • Began operations in the U.S. in 1992
  • Engineered the first 0W-20 engine oil for Honda
  • Engineered the first CVT transmission fluid for Nissan
  • Provided racing oil in 1991 to the first 24 Hours of LeMans race winner using a rotary engine
  • Over 8,800 employees worldwide
  • Global network of business offices on every continent
  • Over 3,752 service stations
  • Quality Management (QM) certifications for ISO9001/2001, ISO/TS16949 and ISO 14001
Family of Idemitsu Products