The Advantage is OEM

The Advantage is OEM

Global R&D Capabilities

Founded in 1911, Idemitsu Kosan is a leading supplier of lubricants to the automotive industry worldwide. Idemitsu’s commitment to continuous innovation is best exhibited through its global network of R&D centers, including a state-of-the-art lab facility in Wixom, Michigan.

Global Map of Idemitsu Locations

Unique Development Philosophy

The Idemitsu development philosophy centers on a combination of laboratory and practical performance evaluations to meet customer requirements. Working closely with customers to understand their needs, and through the utilization of actual machine simulations, Idemitsu continuously develops innovative and market-leading product technologies that consistently outperform the competition.

The Three Pillars of Development

The core of Idemitsu’s development process incorporates three principles, or pillars, on which all lubricant formulations are based. They include (1) the selection of proper materials, (2) how best to test product, and (3) how to determine if end products meet the exacting specifications and demands of OEM customers.

Three Pillars of Development

Understand Customer Requirement


Translate Requirements into Technical Terms


Planning & Scheduling


Laboratory Evaluation

Canidate Oil

Selection of Candidate Oil


Preliminary Consideration for Practical Performance


Final Resolution of Specification


Practical Performance Evaluation


Submission for Final Approval

Development Process

Close partnerships with automotive OEMs keep Idemitsu on the cutting edge of innovative lubricant technology. This vast experience keeps Idemitsu at the forefront of an ever-changing industry.